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California Contractor ™

California Contractor is a weekly television series about home improvement, interior design, and construction. This is an educational, informative, and super fun show featuring local experts.

The show is filmed in San Diego, California and airs every Sunday at 6pm on Fox 5 San Diego.
Episode 1 airs on Fox 5 San Diego Sunday September 12, 2021 6pm pacific standard time
You tell us what, we'll you how!

How do I know what the process should look like when I decide to hire a contractor for my home construction project?

Taking on a home construction project is a huge expense. How do I know which contractor to hire? What should the design process look like? Should I mention my budget from the start? Will I need a permit? What if I am struggling to visualize the design?

California Contractor is the first of its kind! Unmasking the mystery that is home construction. In this series, you will see real California homeowners meet with a real California Contractor. From the consultation process to the design process and presenting of the 3D rendering. Together we will step into the world of home remodeling and custom design build with an in depth look into what meeting with a reputable contractor should look like.



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About our show

We have a simple goal

Our goal is to bridge the gap of knowledge between industry professionals and homeowners by showing you what the process should entail... or not entail.