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Jack Crocker, Construction Expert (CSLB 944782)

“I envision this show as one of the best resources California homeowners can turn to when they need reliable advise”

Jack Crocker holds a Class B General Contractors license. With more than 35 years experience under his belt and having started multiple successful businesses in the home remodeling and design-build industry, Jack knows exactly what the process should look like for homeowners taking on a major remodel project.

When homeowners hire on a contractor for their major remodel or new build project, they should feel confident that their contractor is not only familiar with the construction processes but is also advocating for them from beginning to end.

"California Contractor" is a place for California homeowners to go and get the answers they need with full transparency in mind. Taking on a variety of home remodel projects, California Contractor comes together with audience participants and talks the reality of how design affects pricing, the various design style options, permit requirements, and even the possibility that sometimes when you put paper to pencil, what you want to build is just not feasible.

The process will always have its stresses and even hiccups, but never forget that home renovations are supposed to be exciting. You are creating a space that is personal to you. And you have a say in the process every step of the way.

Join us on Fox 5 San Diego, Sundays at 6pm pacific standard time.

Mandy Strout - Certified Interior Designer (4 Year Degree from the Design Institute of San Diego)

“Design and construction can be an overwhelming process for a lot of people, but having an educated and experienced team on your side helps bring the joy back into the process.

This show helps to provide education to our viewers on a larger platform, which is beyond exciting!”
"I am excited to host a show where homeowners can be educated by a team who are remarkable at what they do and will give the viewers guidance before starting that long overdue home remodel"

Jeff Krapf - Host
The California contractor

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